Personnel Administration Division

The Personnel Administration Division serves as the backbone of organizational efficiency within the university, overseeing a myriad of essential functions aimed at maintaining order, promoting employee well-being, and facilitating smooth operations. Here's a comprehensive breakdown of its key responsibilities:

  1. Attendance Management: Ensuring punctuality and regular attendance of officials and employees through diligent monitoring and enforcement of attendance policies.

  2. Discipline and Dress Code Enforcement: Upholding discipline and enforcing dress codes among officials and employees to maintain a professional work environment.

  3. Personnel Records Management: Compiling and maintaining comprehensive personal files of officers and employees, documenting pertinent details such as qualifications, experience, and performance records.

  4. Appointment and Posting Coordination: Facilitating the appointment and posting processes of officials and employees, including preparation of appointment letters and coordinating with relevant authorities.

  5. Retirement Procedures: Managing the retirement process by preparing retirement letters and ensuring smooth transitions for retiring officials and employees.

  6. Temporary Assignments: Handling records and documentation for employees undertaking temporary work assignments or educational tours, ensuring compliance with organizational guidelines.

  7. Correspondence Management: Recording and organizing incoming and outgoing correspondence from various associations, ensuring prompt and appropriate responses.

  8. Task Coordination: Coordinating and assigning necessary tasks within the office, ensuring efficient workflow and timely completion of responsibilities.

  9. Contract Officer Appointments: Annual preparation of appointment letters for contract officers, ensuring adherence to contractual agreements and organizational requirements.

  10. Transfer Procedures: Facilitating the transfer process of officers and employees, including documentation and coordination with relevant departments.

  11. Policy Support: Advising the Dean on the development of policies and plans related to departmental administration, providing insights to support decision-making processes.

  12. HR Reporting: Compiling and preparing the annual report on human resources, summarizing key metrics and trends for submission to the Dean.

  13. Position Management: Maintaining detailed records of existing positions and overseeing the creation, modification, or cancellation of positions as per organizational needs and regulations.

  14. Work Planning: Developing and updating annual or periodic work plans for various HR processes including appointments, postings, retirements, transfers, and resignations.

  15. Employee Details Management: Ensuring the accuracy and completeness of personal details, including CITrol, for all permanent and temporary employees within the university.

  16. Staff Supervision: Monitoring, inspecting, and providing necessary guidance to administrative staff to ensure adherence to organizational policies and standards.

  17. Performance Evaluation: Reviewing and recommending performance evaluations for subordinates, providing feedback and recommendations for rewards, punishments, or promotions based on evaluations.

  18. Benefits Administration: Recommending benefits provision for officials and employees reaching mandatory retirement or resignation, in accordance with established rules and regulations.

  19. Long Service Awards: Collecting nominations and recommending employees for long service awards as per established criteria and guidelines.

  20. Vacancy Committee Support: Acting as a member-secretary for the vacancy creation inquiry committee, facilitating proceedings in accordance with established rules and regulations.

Through meticulous coordination, proactive management, and unwavering dedication, the Administrative Department plays a crucial role in sustaining the university's operational efficiency and fostering a conducive work environment for its personnel.

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