Financial Administration Division

Embedded within the intricate organizational structure of the university, the Financial Administration serves as the lifeblood, orchestrating fiscal operations akin to the vital process of blood circulation in living beings. Spanning from the central office to individual colleges, this branch assumes a pivotal role in ensuring the systematic management of economic affairs across the institution.

At the apex of financial oversight sits the Economic Administration, tasked with administering fiscal policies, programs, and budgets essential for the university's sustainable growth and development. Within this branch, specialized sub-branches are established to streamline various financial functions, ensuring meticulous control and efficient utilization of resources.

The Policy, Program, and Budget Branch formulates comprehensive strategies and allocates financial resources in alignment with the university's overarching objectives. Through rigorous planning and foresight, this branch lays the groundwork for prudent fiscal management, guiding the institution towards fiscal stability and success.

Meanwhile, the Expenditure Payment and Records Branch meticulously manages financial disbursements, maintaining detailed records to track expenditure patterns and ensure accountability. This branch operates with precision, facilitating timely payments while adhering to budgetary constraints and regulatory requirements.

Conversely, the Income Collection and Records Branch oversees revenue generation activities, implementing robust mechanisms to maximize income streams while safeguarding financial assets. Through diligent monitoring and analysis, this branch identifies opportunities for revenue enhancement, bolstering the university's financial resilience.

Additionally, the Beruju Tax and Records Branch assumes responsibility for tax compliance and record-keeping, ensuring adherence to statutory obligations and fostering transparency in financial dealings. By navigating complex tax regulations and maintaining meticulous records, this branch safeguards the university's fiscal integrity.

Collectively, these specialized sub-branches within the Financial Administration Division form a cohesive framework, equipped with the requisite expertise to manage fiscal operations seamlessly across faculties, colleges, and administrative offices. Through diligent stewardship and strategic foresight, the Financial Administration Division upholds the financial health and vitality of the university, enabling its continued growth and prosperity.

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